We currently reserve our Targeted Advertising Campaigns to local establishments that are located within our covered cities to advertise to our community and engage with our viewers and members to enhance their experience. However, we have many more Advertising Options. To learn more, Contact Us today.


Show your profile to customers searching for a specific category, tag (keyword) or feature in a specific location. For example, if Musa is searching for Restaurants in Serekunda, then your profile will appear as an ad on top of the list of search results. This will allow your profile to appear first or among the top profiles being displayed in search results, in a way that is similar to Google’s sponsored results.


Your business profile can be turned into an instant ad during searches; this means that you can transform your profile into an ad that will appear ON TOP of search results in our directory! This service though is only available to those who already have an active accounts and business profiles in our directory.

Create an Account

If you already have an account, simply Log In into your account. If you do not yet have an account and business profile, Add a Business (you will open an account along the way), or if we set up a FREE page for you, claim your business profile to associate it with your account once created (see How to Claim Your Business) and be sure to complete your business page in full, including adding a detailed Description, Opening Hours, Website and Social Links, Photos, Video, Services, Events and offers as a completed business profile attracts, engages and converts more visitors into paying customers.

Select Listing

After Log In, creating a business page and/or claiming your business profile as describe above, click the “ADVERTISE” menu in your Dashboard, click on “ADD NEW AD” and then click on the “ADVERTISE NOW” button on the popup that appears and select the preferred listing to promote.

Select Ads Placement

There are different Ads packages, each with different location and price.

Top in Search: These ads will be shown in the search results and category listing pages. This specific type of ads will appear on top of the search results that match your profile content.

Spotlight: This ad option allows your Ad to appear homepage. The ads, thus, will appear randomly on throughout the website.

Competitor’s Page: These ads are visible in the blocks shown on detail pages on the bottom right corner of the right sidebar of competitor’s listing.

Since your ad will go in rotation with other ads, it is recommended to select all placements and you if you wish your ad to show up more often.

Set Duration, Budget and Make Payment

The PayPal and Direct Bank Transfer payment options will be available right after when the ad duration and budget are set, and your business profile will begin to appear with an ‘Ad’ tag once the payment is completed. If you make payment via PayPal, your Ad will be live as soon as the payment has been. If you chose the Direct Bank Transfer method, you will need to wait until funds have cleared before your Ad would go live and a Payment Invoice will be e-mailed to your registered e-mail address.